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SCM Trap Modification Tips

Pan Tension

Pan tension is useful in preventing birds and small animals from firing the trap. It also helps prevent nearly all toe catches.
Example: If your target furbearer's weight is 20 pounds, that equals five pounds per foot. One half of that, or 2-1/2 pounds maximum, is a good starting weight. The pan should hold 2 pounds and fire with 2-1/2 pounds. It sounds technical, but most trappers 'guesstimate' with fingers and a screwdriver and do it just right.

Night Latch

To properly make a Nite Latch on SCM one-piece pans and crosses, file a notch on the dog instead of the pan shank.

Down Pan Stop

A down pan stop was first used by BMP raccoon trappers on SCM #11 and #1-1/2 coil spring double jaw traps to prevent toe chewing. For those who feel the need for a pan/dog engagement, more like that of a fine rifle trigger, follow these steps:
1. Make a hole location on the end of the cross opposite the pan post.
2. The hole should allow the pan to hit the screw when falling.
3. Pick a screw length to allow the pan to fall under all conditions.
4. Adust the pan tension for 1 to 2 pounds.
5. Set the trap. Pull the pan down until there is no more than 1/64 inch engagement between the dog and the pan when the pan is level.
6. Now, fire the trap. Notice that it fires without feeling any pan movement.

Improve Your Knowledge

Improve Your Knowledge and Catch by attending the Fur taker Trappers College. An intense course, not a picnic. Contact the Fur Takers of America for more information