Sleepy Creek Traps
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Sleepy Creek Product Line

Coil Spring Traps

Great for land trapping, also works well in water. The preferred trap for professional fox trappers. These traps range in size from a #1 to a #4

Long Spring Traps

Also a great trap for both land and water, these traps range in size from a #1 to a #4.

Body Grip Traps

A superior walk-through trap suited for both land and water. Please note your state trapping regulations prior to setting these traps on land.


Trap setters and trap parts, fur handling equipment, and trap preparation supplies.

We have received several requests for samples to be used by Instructors, which has prompted us to offer a kit similar to the one made by Woodstream-Victor 25 years ago.
Trapper Training Kit
Miscellaneous Traps
SCM provides collector traps for wall hangers and gift giving, plus award traps for your organization and a few miniature trap jewelry items.