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SCM Trapper Training Kit

Sleepy Creek has a very extensive line of American made animal traps and related products. We have received several requests for samples to be used by Instructors, which has prompted me to offer a kit similar to the one made by Woodstream-Victor 20 to 25 years ago.
The Trapper Training Kit includes:
1 Catalog (Contains details & complete product line)
1 ea. #1 Long Spring
1 ea. #1 Coil Spring - Double-Jaw
1 ea. #1 ½ Coil Spring - Std Jaw
1 ea. #1 ¾ Coil Spring - Off-Set Jaw
1 ea. # 4 Coil Spring - Std Jaw
1 ea. #4 Long Spring - Off-Set Jaw
1 ea. #450 Body Grip
1 ea. #1000 Body Grip
1 pr. Coil Spring Trap Setters
1 ea. Long Sprg/Body Grip Setter (f/#1 LS - #4 LS & #450 {110} - #700 {220})
1 ea. SCM BG Safty™
1 ea. #1 Fur Stretcher

The Trap Setters and BG Safty™ were developed to help kids, but many Adults find them useful as well. This kit provides for a complete "Show & Tell" of Hardware. Trap anchoring, which is area specific, you must provide for. These traps are cleaned for handling purposes and will rust. This Kit is shipped in an easy-to-carry carton.
This item can be ordered directly from our factory.
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